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Since opening in 1936, we have based our business on 3 key qualities: a passion for the trade, entrepreneurship and hard work. With this foundation Dutch Bakery has grown into what it is now: a company that has high-quality bakeries which use modern production methods to guarantee the best quality products for their customers. They do this without losing sight of the traditional craftsmanship and company heritage. It is on these qualities – entrepreneurialship, hard work and  a passion for the trade – that we have built our company. Dutch Bakery is now passionately run by the third generation of the Schapendonk family. We have a friendly, no-nonsense business culture, where we adhere to our company values and standards and where quality and job satisfaction take priority. Dutch Bakery stands for high-quality (baking) products; tasty products that meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers. Dutch Bakery’s mission is to deliver the best speciality breads and bread snacks, at the desired time with consistent high quality. We strive to meet our mission which is ‘to make our customers happy every day’.Dutch Bakery is a modern and innovative bakery that was founded nearly 80 years ago in Waalwijk. A young and enterprising member of the Schapendonk family opened the first bakery, which specialised in genuine meat-filled bread rolls from Brabant.The best bakery
in the Netherlands!