We make you a master baker at home


Mission & vision

Now everybody can bake their own bread at home. This is our ambition.  Every day we develop, produce and deliver the best assortment of home bake-off bread and snack products. With a passion for bread and business, Dutch Bakery creates added value in the home bake-off market. We are committed to continuously providing a leading, innovative and comprehensive assortment, sustainably produced, and with natural ingredients. We aim at being and remaining the first choice in this market in the Netherlands and abroad.


Who are we?

We are passionate about bread and our job! From this perspective, Dutch Bakery has grown into a modern baking company since 1936. An enterprising branch of the Schapendonk family started his own bakery in the exuberant city of Waalwijk in the Dutch province of North Brabant. The genuine Brabant sausage roll was its speciality. Thanks to our workmanship, sheer passion and hard work, we have become what we are today: Dutch Bakery, the owner of six bakeries. Modern production lines, the best quality and optimum hygiene are central in our bakeries. Every day we work with pleasure and commitment, producing and developing a varied assortment of bread and snack products for home bake-off. Our bakers want you to enjoy their products intensely.


Core values


With our long-standing workmanship we have developed into true masters in our field. The best bake-off bread and snack specialities are made with special care and attention.


Innovation runs in our blood. We are always working on innovative concepts. We want to continue to amaze and surprise you. Our approach in all of this is socially sound.


Humour, fun and passion for our products are the main ingredients. You experience these in our collaboration and in the taste and quality of our products.


Collaboration on the basis of trust and openness. Of course we think along with our customers to help them realise their wishes. Together we go for the best result.



We are continuously working on new products to respond to market demand or to realise our own creative solutions, whether it is about savoury goodies, bread in various shapes and flavours, mini snacks, or rustic floor-baked bread. We think extensively about new concepts or shelf presentations, without losing sight of the innovative packaging options. In this way we ensure that everybody can bake their own bread at home.


Dutch Bakery Group B.V.   •  Kronosstraat 2  •  5048 CE Tilburg  •  the Netherlands  •  T: +31 (0)85 – 902 7800  •  E: info@dutchbakery.nl




Dutch Bakery Group B.V.  •  Tilburg  •  the Netherlands  •  T: +31 (0)85 – 902 7800  •  E: info@dutchbakery.nl